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For franchising inquiries, you can reach us directly at



  1. Fill up the Confidential Questionnaire found here and email it to us along with your letter of intent to

  2. We will review your application.

  3. You will be invited to discuss the franchise details.

  4. We will present to you the LOCO Franchise Disclosure Informations.

  5. Your proposed location will be evaluated.

  6. The Franchise Agreement will be executed.

  7. Outlet set-up and staff training will commence.

  8. We will provide with pre-opening and marketing assistance.

  9. Congratulations on your Grand Opening!

frequently asked


How do I qualify as LOCO Franchisee?

You must be business oriented and must have the dedication to succeed and be part of LOCO, you may or may not have an experience in managing a similar business; has the willingness to learn the business is enough. You should also possess people-handling skills, must be open-minded, and ready to take on the challenges of managing the business.

How long will it take me to get the Loco Franchise Open?

This will depend on several factors; a good location for your Franchised outlet, completing the training, renovation and etc. Under favorable conditions through, you may be able to be in 90-120 days.

Will LOCO provide site and construction of the building or outlet?

Each Franchisee is responsible for securing his/her own location. All potential sites must be submitted to the Franchisor for approval. Construction or renovation is entirely at the expense of the Franchisee.

If I lease a space, will you provide a design layout for LOCO outlet?

We will furnish you a floor plan, sketch and basic specification for your outlet layout. Franchisee is responsible for customizing the basic plan to the dimension of proposed location.

Is the franchisee required to purchase all the equipment and supply needs from LOCO?

As a Franchisee, you are required to purchase the equipment and supplies from us and from our accredited suppliers. You will be provided with a Procurement Program to guide you upon purchasing of all the supplies that need to set up the outlet.

What Pre-Opening services do you provide?

Prior to and upon opening A Loco representative will assist you with Training of Personnel, acquiring of equipment and inventory supplies, and arranging the outlet opening.

What about training?

LOCO spent a great deal of time and effort in developing its service and system and accepts no compromise in quality or control. In this regards, we require our Franchisee and their staff to complete our Training Program and demonstrate mastery of certain basic skills.

Do you have a comprehensive Manual for the Operation?

Definitely! Our confidential Operations Manual details the Loco System on every aspect of daily operations in your Franchised Outlet.